“BENTONITE Company” LLC is a Group of companies with its operations focused on mining, processing and sales of bentonite and products on its basis. Productive and technological capabilities provide the Company a leading position on the Russian bentonite market. The mineral resources base for the Company operations is presented by two high-quality bentonite deposits in Russia in Republic of Khakassia and the Kurgan region, and the Dash-Salakhly deposit in the Republic of Azerbaijan, which is one of the high-quality deposits of natural sodium bentonite in the world. The Company offers a wide range of products:

In 2014 the Company R&D unit has developed and introduced to the Russian market a unique innovative product - Benta”arb (bentonite-carbon composition). Due to carbon-containing components physical, mechanical and antiadhesive properties of the binding agent were improved as well as the mixing of foundry sand. Moreover, the innovative binding agent production technology does not require existing facilities modernization.

In the same year "Bentonite of Kurgan" Ltd. was the first and the only Russian company which was certified by the American Petroleum Institute (API) and gained the right to use API monogram on its products: bentonite for OCMA grade drilling fluid.

All bentonite products are shipped on EXW terms as well as ex-warehouse in Moscow region.

The major customers of the Company products are:

The Company conducts research work in the fields of studying physicochemical properties of clay minerals, effective mining and processing, and developing new products. We implement innovative developments of leading R&D institutes and experts in our branch. One of the basic areas is investigation of polymers and montmorillonite interactions in order to develop high-performance materials.

All production technologies of the Bentonite Company are patented by the Russian Federation, and products quality is strictly controlled by comprehensive quality testing laboratory certified by the Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology (Rosstandart).

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