Bentonit Wissenschafts- und Produktionsgesellschaft
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About production Bentonite for cat litter production
Bentonite for cat litter production

The «Leading» Company is engaged in disposal of clumping bentonite-based cat litters. Today the Company takes one of the leading positions on the cat litter producers’ market in Russia.
In assortment there are more than 20 positions of its own branded cat litters.

They are covering a wide price range: from consumer grade clumping cat litters,

to super premium one, aromatized, exhibiting additional properties.

Besides cat litters produced from bentonite clay, the Company is selling cat litters produced from high-technology silica gel and from natural wooden pellets.

Annually cat litters undergo procedures of Voluntary certification for verification high quality and safety. As well all cat litters undergo ecological certification confirming absence in their composition any substances hazardous for people and animals and having adverse environmental impact.

Cat litters with brands Kotoff, Pi-Pi-Bent, Kotyara and SisiCat annually become winners and receipts of prizes of competition «100 best goods of Russia».

As well the Company «Leading» is actively developing the sector Private label — production of private brands for distributive networks.

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