Bentonit Wissenschafts- und Produktionsgesellschaft
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About production Application bentonite for environmental objectives

The Group enterprises are engaged in production bentonite clay powder and crushed bentonite clay as well. Due to its adsorptive capacity, bentonite is an ideal natural material for purification of sewage and drinking water. As per combination of high adsorbing and water-absorbing capacities (characteristics) this material, as a natural result, has been acknowledged as the best component in sealants for disposal of consumer, industrial and radioactive waste.

Using bentonite as a component of “sandwich” materials – BETONITE MATS is the most disruptive technical and economic solution for waterproofing purposes. Bentomat is the layer of granulated bentonite placed between two layers of synthetic tissue. Bentomats are widely used all over the world; they are used in adverse weather and in all seasons, for example, for such projects as:

  • Municipal solid waste landfills,
  • Waste pits,
  • Setting tanks - evaporators,
  • Construction of roads,
  • Exit tunnels,
  • Artificial reservoirs and so on.

Acquire bentonite and bentonite production for industrial and civil engineering projects you can from our partner, LLC “BentIzol” Company. More details you can get on the Web-site of the Company:

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