Bentonit Wissenschafts- und Produktionsgesellschaft
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About the production Bentonit powers for directional drilling

We produce high quality bentonite powders (PB-NB1 and PB-NB2) for rapid development of draw-in construction of underground communications by directional drilling method. The Quality characteristics of bentonite powders for drilling fluids intended for directional drilling boreholes are presented in the Table.

Properties Unit PB-NB1 PB-NB2

Relative viscosity

sec, no less than

40 25

Moisture content


12 12

Sand fraction content


3 3

Filtration index

cm 3, no more than

15 15

Bentonite powders for drilling fluids used in directional drilling have high technological properties:

  • high reological properties of the suspension
  • low sand content
  • short time of dispersion.

Bentonite of the highest quality and environmentally friendly reagents are used in the production of bentonite powders. For the rigid environmental requirements bentonite powder PB-NB1E is produced with out any additives.

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