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Bentonite clays of natural moisture extracted from the “Zyryanskoje” and “10th Khutor” deposits are activated with soda ash. The native sodium clay extracted from the Dash-Salakhly deposit in its natural state is undergoing mechanoactivation that essentially increases the binding strength of bentonite. The primary consumers for such bentonite are iron ore plants mining which are using it as a high-quality bonding additive for iron ore pellets production, including for production metallized briquettes.

Activated bentonite clays meets the requirements of TU2164-001-49215611-2004, its quality parameters are specified in the Table.

Basic indexes Units of measure Quantity
Montmorillonite content, min % 75
Swelling index, min ml/2gr 28
Moisture content, max % 22
Effective viscosity, min MPa s 30
Lump size, max Mm 50

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