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About the production Bentonite for wine clarification

One of the important wine quality characteristics is its clarity. Self-clarification of some wines is not good, so they have to be filtered and clarificated supplementary. Bentonite is efficiently used for wine clarification. If bentonite is included in proper quantity, flakes appear in wine and immediately during several days residue at the bottom of the cup and carry out dregs.

Bentonite produced follow the requirements of Industrial Standards 18-49-71 Bentonite for wine industry.

Quality performances are presented in Table.

Normative documents for methods of testing Properties and units Allowed Level Results of Tests
Industrial standard18-49-71 Moisture, % 5,0 - 10,0 8,6
Industrial standard18-49-71 То of water suspension, not more 9,0 9,0
Industrial standard18-49-71 Swelling agent ,% not less 80,0 182,0
Industrial standard18-49-71 Protein adsorption, % not less 25,0 50,0
Industrial standard18-49-71 Substances, soluted in 10% acetic acid/100 g, not more 5,0 4,2
Industrial standard18-49-71 Metal cation content in acetic acid deep-drawing, mg/100 g, not more
Calcium 60,0 64,0
Iron 80,0 28,0
Arsenic Not allowed Not
State Branch Standards 30178-96 Cadmium 0,0006 Not
State Branch Standards 30178-96 Mercury Not allowed Not
Industrial standard18-49-71 Alkalinity, 0,1 ml of H2SO4 solution to 100g of bentonite 30,0-40,0 39,5
Industrial standard18-49-71 Sand content, % 4,0 3,2
Industrial standard18-49-71 Thixotropy and sediment of aqueous suspension 10% of water suspension forms homogeneous, viscous, gelatinous mass with out dregs

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