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About production Bentonite for application in agriculture
Bentonite for application in agriculture

To acquire bentonite and bentonite production for its agricultural application you can in

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Bentonite in agriculture and animal farming can be applied as:

  • Natural mineral additive in mixed feeds;
  • Prophylactic drug if there are any diarrheal diseases, tax intoxications;
  • A tool for purification of sewage water and waste materials in animal farming;
  • Binding, lead and nutrient material of a coat when seeds pelleting;
  • Adsorbent in a melioration.

Application of bentonite in animal farming:

Bentonite improves feeds’ digestibility, adsorbs and excretes toxins, poisons, heavy metals from gastrointestinal tract, at the same exhibiting antibacterial properties. It is non-toxic, has no carcinogenic effect, increases producing ability, natural resistance of body, average daily gain of body weight.

Due to its properties bentonite found wide application for preparation various feeds for animals: wet feed mixtures and all types of pellet combined feeds.

Numerous researches confirmed that admixture of bentonites in feeds results in increasing milk yield and milk fat, in improving quality and taste of cattle meat, in pigs’ gaining weight, in increasing eggs production, increase in weight and wool of sheep, in improvement some biochemical factors of blood, in particular, content of calcium, magnesium, inorganic phosphorus is increasing.

Application of bentonite in agriculture

Bentonite clay powder exhibits strong adsorbing properties and, as a result, it is an ideal material for soil cleanup from harmful impurities such as resins, vegetable-based fluids, fluid synthetic materials, petrochemicals and coke products, etc.

Bentonite is widely applied in farming:

  • When performing works on soil improvement
  • When manufacturing bedding for animals;
  • For seeds pelletizing;
  • As crop protection chemicals.
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